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Why should I invest in 3D Laser Scanning?



A single laser scanner can capture up to a million 3D data points per second, providing incredibly accurate and rich detail of every aspect of your project.



Individual measurements acquired by tape measures or hand-held devices are subject to errors. Laser scanning is the most accurate form of measurement available, delivering accuracy of a 1/8” or less.

Reduce costs and change orders


Incorporating a laser scan into the design of your project assures accurate and complete information, avoiding the cost of equipment rental, manual measurement, clashes, change orders, not to mention project delays and headaches.

Answers unanticipated questions


How many times have you left the job site only to discover you need more measurements? A 3D BIM scanning will capture extra data, eliminating return visits to answer unanticipated questions.

Minimize shut-down times


Laser scanning is quick, safe and non-intrusive – eliminating or minimizing operational shutdowns and client inconvenience.


3D scanning can obtain measurements in hard to reach or hazardous locations while keeping personnel out of harm's way. Scanning is completed safety from the ground without the need harnesses, lifts or cranes.

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